EU Commission opens consultation for nanomaterial definition review
The process for the long-anticipated revision of the EU nanomaterial definition has started, with the Commission announcing a targeted stakeholder consultation which will be open until June 30. In the run-up to the definition revision, preliminary work was carried out by the Commission and complemented by three technical reports published by the...
NIA announces new member: Nano Institute of Sydney University.
We are  happy to announce that a new member has joined the NIA family: a warm welcome to the Nano Institute of Sydney University.  The University of Sydney Nano Institute (Sydney Nano) is a flagship multidisciplinary research institute at the University of Sydney, Australia.
EU Commission holds first stakeholder workshop on safe-and sustainable-by-design
The EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability includes the objective of developing criteria on safe- and sustainable-by-design to support the shift towards inherently safe and sustainable chemicals, materials and products, throughout the entire life cycle.
TNO launches update to LICARA Nano Scan
The LICARA Nano Scan was originally developed by TNO and EMPA in the context of the EU-funded LICARA project, as a tool to guide companies through their decision-making process for the sustainable development of innovative nano-enabled products. The tool has now been updated to cover an extended range of products, including beyond nanomaterials....
NIA Member Spotlight series 2
CERION: Custom Nanomaterials for Next Generation Products
NIA releases new position paper
NIA has released a position paper discussing the evolution of the regulation and language used to talked about the nanoscale. The ongoing transition from “nanomaterial” to “nanoforms” will help to better reflect the fact that differences in nanomaterial properties exist not only in relation to bulk counterparts, but also to nanoforms of the same...
Nanotechnology standards ISO/TS 80004 series have been updated (1 April 2021)
Check out the item entitled “The Science of Tiny Little Things”. These series were developed by ISO technical committee ISO/TC 229, Nanotechnologies, whose secretariat is held by BSI, ISO’s member for the UK, in cooperation with ISO’s partner organization, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and focus on the key issue of vocabulary...
March NanoNews now out
The NIA March NanoNews is now out. This month's newsletter welcomes Fraunhofer Nanotechnology as a new member; thanks to all the members who enthusiastically responded to our invitation, we are also able to kick off our Member Spotlight series in this issue. This edition's interview features member Burdinola Safer Labs. 
OECD organizes round-robin HARN exercise for testing guideline development
The OECD is inviting interested labs to participate in a round-robin exercise (HARN exercise) in the context of its ongoing project on Testing Guideline on determination of the dustiness of manufactured nanomaterials, led by Denmark and France. The goal of the exercise is to assess the robustness, feasibility, and appropriateness of different...
NIA supports joint industry statement for post-Brexit data flow continuation
The European Commission has published a draft adequacy decision to allow the continuation of personal data flows between the EU and the UK after the end of the Brexit transition period. NIA joined a group of health and pharma organizations in a supporting statement for the draft decision: exchange of data will be fundamental in guaranteeing that...
NIA Member Spotlight series 1
BURDINOLA: BRINGING LAB DESIGN INTO SAFE USE OF NANOMATERIALS The NIA is happy to announce the launch of our Member Spotlight series, where we interview a different member every month to learn more about their activities in the world of nano. 
NIA Member SLINTEC launches BreathTech-S³
BreathTech-S³ is the latest addition to the list of innovations by SLINTEC, a low cost, ultra-thin and easily attachable respiratory monitoring smart sensor that has been developed in collaboration with CirQ Labs; another high-tech innovation hub specializing in healthcare solutions. SLINTEC is collaborating with Hirdaramani Group recently in...
NIA January NanoNews Now Available
NIA's January newsletter 'NanoNews' is now out. It introduces our new Director General as well as sets the agenda for the first events of 2021 including our Nano in Business webinars. As usual, you can find all our recent news items regarding regulatory and Member updates. Enjoy the read! Read it here.
NIA Member Solvay to use blockchain for a smooth-running circular economy
NIA Member Solvay has begun testing blockchain technology to trace its products throughout the entire value chain, in a drive to facilitate recycling and develop the circular economy. As part of the European Union-funded Chemchain project, Solvay will participate in a Proof of Concept exercise scheduled to be completed by mid-2021.  Read the full...
NIA Announces New Director General
The Board of Directors of NIA has formally appointed Chiara Venturini to the post of Director General.
OECD project NanoAOP publishes series of reports on their contribution towards the future development and application of AOPs
The OECD project NanoAOP published in December 2020 their contribution towards the future development and application of AOPs for manufactured nanomaterial regulatory decision making by following the principles established by the OECD. The contributions are represented in a series of OECD reports and contributes:  (i)  a  systematic  process  for...