FDA publishes report 'Nanotechnology—Over a Decade of Progress and Innovation'
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published the report 'Nanotechnology—Over a Decade of Progress and Innovation'.   The report highlights FDA progression in the field of nanotechnology since it released its last report in 2007, and its role in advancing the public health through regulation of products within its jurisdiction that...
EC launches 'Advanced Technologies for Industry' platform
The European Commission has launched the new online platform 'Advanced Technologies for Industry', which covers technologies, sectors, policy, products, plus EU and global actions. It also maps technology centres and is a hub for data associated with advances in robotics, AI, big data and advanced materials, amongst others.
JRC publishes technical report 'Global Summit on Regulatory Science 2019 Nanotechnology and Nanoplastics'
The Joint Research Centre (JRC) has published a technical Report from the 2019 meeting (remember them?) 'Global Summit on Regulatory Science 2019 Nanotechnology and Nanoplastics - Perspectives on nanotechnology and nanoplastics'. 
OECD publishes new Guidance Documents for nanomaterials
The OECD has published the latest Guidance Documents developed for nanomaterials, targeting dissolution and dispersal and sediment testing.
European Commission publishes Brexit preparedness Guides for chemicals and biocides
The European Union has published Brexit preparedness Guides for key areas linked to nanomaterials production and use - primarily chemicals (REACH) and biocidal products - for the end of the transition period on January 1st when the UK ceases to be bound by the internal market and Customs Union. A covering guidance includes:
ECHA updates CARACAL on nanoform dossier updates to May 31st 2020
In the CARACAL meeting of June 30 - July 1, ECHA reported updated figures on REACH dossiers updated for nanoforms.  In the end March CARACAL meeting, ECHA had reported lower than expected dossier updates, with 123 dossiers in total (29 Lead, 90 Member and 4 Individual).  At the end June CARACAL meeting, it was reported that a further 37 unique...
EFSA launches public consultation for small particles in food and feed beyond engineered nanomaterial definition
EFSA (European Food Standards Authority) has launched a public consultation on draft EFSA Guidance on technical requirements for regulated food and feed product applications to establish the presence of small particles including nanoparticles.
EPA Registers New Nanosilver Active Ingredient as a Materials Preservative
With the anti-infective properties of nanomaterials a hot prospect at the moment, the EPA has registered nanosilver as a materials preservative.
European Commission amends REACH Annex II (safety data sheets) for nanoforms
The European Commission has published a regulation amending Annex II of REACH legislation to extend nanoforms terminology into Safety Data Sheets within the wider REACH Annexes which came into force in January.
EUON publishes 'Polymer based nanocomposites - enabling innovation, resource efficiency and helping to fight climate change '
PlasticsEurope has authored the latest 'Nanopinion' from the European Union Observatory for Nanomaterials (EUON).   The article, 'Polymer based nanocomposites - enabling innovation, resource efficiency and helping to fight climate change', addresses the role that materials at the nanoscale have in meeting climate change targets. Through...
Nanomaterials shine during Covid
The world is focussed on anti-infective needs in all aspects of our lives - hand washing has played a fundamental role in reducing direct transmission from our hands but transfer of infection across objects and materials remains a high priority. Short-acting disinfection is not viable for the economic regeneration of our countries and...
EPA publishes SNUR for Carbon Nanotubes
CNTs are now subject to significant new use rules (SNURs) under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). The SNURs require persons who intend to manufacture (defined by statute to include import) or process any of these chemical substances for an activity that is proposed as a significant new use by this rule to notify EPA at least 90 days before...
NIA presents nano in the context of 'Advanced Materials' at OECD online conference
As part of the OECD/German Environment Agency June 16 workshop 'Advanced materials - online conferences. Identification of action needs on chemical safety - Approaches for structuring the field, prioritisation and assessment', NIA presented a snapshot position from industry, when considering the terminology 'Advanced Materials'.
CARACAL meeting addresses nanoform dossier updates
A shortened online CARACAL meeting at the end of March addressed the submission of nanomaterials dossiers following the REACH Annex update which came into force on January 1st, 2020.
France establishes inventory of nanomaterials in food - nano-specific risk report in 2021
 Anses, the French National Agency for Food, Environmental, and Occupational Health Safety, has published an inventory of 37 manufactured substances determined to have particles at the nanoscale present in food, originating through additives or exposed through contact materials.  The inventory will be used to establish health risks for consumers,...
RAC backs restricting intentional uses of microplastics - no lower size limit proposed
RAC has adopted its opinion on ECHA’s proposal to restrict the use of microplastics that are intentionally added to products on the EU/EEA market, in concentrations of more than 0.1 % weight by weight.  
NIA launches survey 'Advanced Materials': Terminology and relevance to nanomaterials
There is increasing policy focus on the term ‘Advanced Materials’, with national governments and international frameworks starting to discuss potential safety and regulatory implications.  This is a conversation that needs clear industrial input and must avoid the assumption that ‘Advanced Materials’ are already recognised by industry as a...
Webinar Scale up of nanomaterials manufacture now available on YouTube
Our latest webinar Scale up of nanomaterials manufacture is now available on YouTube. Watch it here.
NIA and ECETOC host joint webinar to introduce the ECETOC NanoApp
NIA was delighted to work together with ECETOC in hosting a webinar for Members to introduce ECETOC's new NanoApp.  The service will support the creation and justification of nanoform sets, in compliance with recommendations from ECHA Guidance. The App is in late development, with NIA and ECETOC Members able to sign up as testers, before a more...
Promethean Particles puts its nano-copper to the test in the fight against viruses
Pioneering UK manufacturer, Promethean Particles (‘Promethean’), is collaborating with textile companies and leading research facilities to explore the anti-viral effects of its novel copper nanoparticles designed for use in fabrics and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the healthcare sector.