Driving economic development from nanotechnology workshop, April 11
Session 1 - Regional development for nanotechnology and KETs.  How regional governments and clusters support the development of commercial nanotechnology Chair: Paula Galvão, INL
New and Emerging Technologies WG for Medical Devices - NIA represents the SIG Nano
NIA participated in the Special Interest Group on Nanotechnologies (SIG nano) of the New and Emerging Technologies WG for Medical Devices, hosted by DG GROW.  The group currently has the priority to produce guidelines to support the classification of medical devices according to rule 19 of the new EU Medical Devices Regulation (2017/745).  NIA...
Belgium releases the Annual Report of its Nanomaterial Register for the Year 2016
The Belgian Federal Public Service for Public Health has released its first report from the implementation of a nanomaterial register in Belgium. The report covers substances registered in 2016. Most of the registrations (45% ) fall under the category of use: SU3 - Industrial uses: Uses of substances as such or in preparations at industrial sites...
NIA will attend the next ECHA Nanomaterial Expert Group meeting
NIA is one of the accredited stakeholder to ECHA. On 3-4 May, NIA will attend the next ECHA Nanomaterial Expert Group Meeting (ECHA NMEG).  NIA Members who are interested will find more information about the meeting here  (log in required).
REACH Annexes adopted to require specific information on nanomaterials
Today, Thursday 26 April, the REACH Committee adopted several modifications to the REACH Annexes to require specific information on nanomaterials. 
European Regulation on Organic Foods excluding Engineered Nanomaterials From Organics awaits Ratification
The European Parliament adopted on 19 April 2018, in its first reading, Regulation on organic production and labelling of organic products. The Regulation will state that organic food production shall exclude food containing, or consisting of, engineered nanomaterials. The text uses the definition of 'engineered nanomaterials' already in place in...
NIA presents 'Setting indicators for an ambitious EU industrial strategy' to European Economic and Social Committee
As part of its work within the coalition of industry Associations 'Industry4Europe', NIA was proud to present the joint paper '
EU SCCS seeks Comments on Colloidal Silver and Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer in the Nanoform Preliminary Opinions
The European Union Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety (SCCS) has launched a consultation on two draft opinion documents for the following nanomaterials:
NIA Summary Report on the 2018 EC REACH Review
The European Commission published earlier in March its 2nd review of the functioning of the REACH Regulation. NIA has assessed this communication regard to its nanospecific aspects and prepared a summary report available to NIA Members.  According to the EC communicaiton there is currently no need to change the enacting terms of REACH. and it...
US NIOSH publishes workplace design solutions for working with nanomaterials
In the frame of its 2007, Preventing through Design initiative, the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) published three workplace design solutions for working with nanomaterials:
NIA and members at ImagineNano
NIA has been in action at the ImagineNano conference in Spain, showcasing projects including Nanoreg2, caLIBRAte, PATROLS and INSPIRED and hanging out with NIA Members CelluForce and the National Research Council Canada.
NIA hosts open webinar "Nanomedicine – Diagnostics and therapeutics advancing through nanotechnology"
NIA was pleased to host its quarterly open webinar dedicated this March to nanomedicine.  "Nanomedicine – Diagnostics and therapeutics advancing through  nanotechnology" showcased two NIA Members, Endomag and Senolytic and followed up with a whirlwind tour of the global device and therapeutics regulatory framework. Delegates joined from Europe,...
NIA submits comments to the Draft 2018 EFSA Nano Guidance
NIA has provided its comments to the European Food Safety Authority consultation on their  Draft Guidance on risk assessment of the application of nanoscience and nanotechnologies in the food and feed chain: Part 1, human and animal health. EFSA has had a public consulation on this Draft Guidance which close on Sunday 4 March 2018.
Proposal for a Regulation on Organic production and labelling of organic products (2014/0100(COD)) returns to Parliament
Presented to the European Parliament in 2014, the Proposal for a Regulation on Organic production and labelling of organic products (2014/0100(COD)), will now be presented in Plenary again. Discussions on the legal basis of the text have been closed by the House's Committee on Legal Affairs.
Market authorisation for certain nanomaterials as Switzerland review of Chemical laws enters into force
In 2017, the Swiss Federal Council opened discussions on the modification of national ordinances on chemicals and biocides and proposed modifying its definition of a nanomaterial as well as introducing a general requirement for the registration of nanomaterials in the Confederation.
NIA publishes Open Newsletter for Q1, 2018
NIA is delighted to publish its first Open Newsletter of 2018, as part of its quarterly series to the wider nanotechnology community.  The Q1 newsletter covers latest regulatory news, plus invitations and offers open to non-Members, from NIA and from projects in which we are partners.
NIA responds to ECHA priorities on nanoforms
As recognition of Member priorities and highlighted ECHA concerns (see EUON article "Substances in nanoforms: urgent revision of REACH information requirements needed"), NIA is focussing on nanoforms and their grouping within its Global Regulatory Working Group.
Respond to the ECHA/EC study to assess the extent to which SDSs and Exposure Scenarios (ES) provide relevant information.
ECHA and the European Commission (DG Environment) are undertaking a study to assess the extent to which SDSs and Exposure Scenarios (ES) provide relevant information for end-use formulators who produce consumer mixtures, specifically regarding the exposure assessments which are required under REACH.
NIA launches NIA Members consultation on the 2018 EFSA Draft Guidance
NIA has assessed the Draft EFSA Guidance document published in January. NIA is now inviting its Members to provide their input to the NIA Comments on the EFSA Draft. 
SCCS opinion on sprayable TiO2 in sunscreens
The European Commission Scientific Committe on Consumer Safety (SCCS) has just published its scientific opinion on 'Titanium Dioxide (nano form) as UV-Filter in sprays'. The SCCS concludes that 'the information provided is insufficient to allow assessment of the safety of the use of nano-TiO2 in spray applications that could lead to exposure of...