NIA uses its position as a cross sector industries association, plus its base in Brussels, to leverage maximum collaborative and knowledge exchange opportunities for Members.​​

Networking between Members

NIA Members are cross-sectoral and span the whole value chain, from university research through to products in the market from SMEs and large companies.  NIA works to maximise knowledge exchange across Members through mechanisms including:

  • Quarterly Member regulatory webinars - advice and good practice passed between Members
  • Case studies as part of the Global Regulatory Working Group
  • Sectoral expert opinions in open webinars
  • Direct recommendations to queries submitted by Members to NIA

Funding tracker

NIA's funding tracker monitors financial opportunities that Members may use to support their development and growth.  NIA supports Members to then develop ideas and consortia using its full networking reach and aims to ensure that Members do not miss opportunities to support development.

Topics covered by the Funding Tracker have included:

  • SME Instrument and other projects for SME funding
  • European Investment Bank financial portfolio for company expansion

​Collaboration across sectors

Through its location in Brussels, NIA is uniquely placed to reach across sectors and countries to connect Members to new opportunities.  NIA works with Associations across sectors, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals and automotive in order to build awareness and partnerships between Members and new potential business and research targets.