Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (Pvt.) Ltd. (SLINTEC), came into existence from 2009. The Company is engaged in scientific research and development in the fields of Nano and advanced technology. It aims to develop  products  and  services,  which  benefit  the  economy while optimizing the use of natural and human   resources  available  in  Sri Lanka. It works in close collaboration with the scientific community for furtherance of its objectives. Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) is the first public private partnership with the government of Sri Lanka (The Ministry of Technology and Innovation) and private sector institutes consisting MAS Holdings, Brandix Lanka Ltd., Camso Loadstar (Pvt.) Ltd, Dialog Axiata, Hayleys PLC, Lankem Ceylon PLC, LOLC PLC, and Browns PLC. SLINTEC’s public private partnership puts the organization in a unique position with government stability and private sector market access and orientation. SLINTEC’s research is primarily focused on six areas; Advanced Materials, Smart Textiles, Graphene Technologies, Advanced Agriculture, Process and Engineering Systems and Energy. SLINTEC has focused its resources to create technologies that will solve pressing issues in Sri Lanka including, but not limited to, affordable food security, affordable and clean energy, safe drinking water, healthcare, and sustainable economic development. SLINTEC’s business model is that; SLINTEC undertakes commercial research for clients upon a contract research agreement and subsequent IP is transferred on agreed terms and conditions to clients thus benefitting all parties.

Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology & Science Park
Mahewatta, Pitipana,
Homagama 10200, Sri Lanka
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