Startup Superbranche, a spin-off from the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Materials of Strasbourg, France, was formed in May 2019 aſter 10 years of R&D on hybrid nanomaterials and is positioning itself as a specialized producer of nanomaterials for nanomedicine.

Superbranche is developing a new generation of functionalized metallic oxide nanoparticles that are designed to facilitate early diagnosis of and targeted therapy for cancer. Those hybrid platforms consist of a metal oxide core coated with a thin, organic dendritic layer designed to stabilize the nanomaterial and make its intravenous injection possible. The chemical design of the coating but also the versatility of the size and shape of the magnetic core give rise to nanomaterials optimized for both diagnosis and therapy. They are theranostic nanomaterials. Validating the Superbranche dendronized nanoparticles technology was carried out through four preclinical feasibility studies in small animals, in partnership with various French, Belgian and Canadian hospitals.

The diagnosis and treatment of any solid tumor and the early diagnosis of the spread of solid cancers are the elective indications for the Superbranche’s dendronized nanoparticles. The company is already marketing a dozen research use only (RUO) products to nanomedicine laboratories in both public and industrial research.
Superbranche’s technology is protected by three patents, belonging to the CNRS, the University of Strasbourg, the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and the Hospices Civils de Lyon. An exclusive worldwide license to use the patent for the manufacturing process and the applications for dendronized metallic oxide nanoparticles has been signed in October 2019.
Superbranche has been winning prizes and awards. This summer, it was one of the 10 French startups to receive the grand jury prize at the iLab 2019 national competition for Deep Tech innovation. The company has also just obtained a Deeptech grant from the public investment bank (BPI France) to carry out its RUO production project.




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