Born out of the research labs of TU Delft with over 20 years of experience in the synthesis of aerosols, VSPARTICLE believes there is a whole new world of possibilities at the nanoscale. VSPARTICLE supports creation of innovative applications  by making nanoparticle-based manufacturing easy and providing research and industry with the tools to rapidly advance the field of nanotechnology.

With the VSP-G1 Nanoparticle Generator, a stable and clean flow of well-defined pure metallic nanoparticle aerosols can be generated without the use of chemicals, providing the ideal basis for aerosol research.  Different materials can be used in the same manner, which means that it is easy to quantify the toxicological effects of e.g. AgO, ZnO and CuO in the same experiment. Carbon can be used as a standard for nano-carbon emissions by for example cars, scooters and airplanes. Radioactive materials can be processed into nanomaterial as well, which means the biodistribution of nanoparticles can be determined in-vivo.




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