Nano in Business - How to sell nanomaterials

Event Dates: 
13 Nov 2019
Event Venue: 
Online event

Join us for the open webinar Nano in Business: How to sell nanomaterials to hear from three NIA Members on how they, as SMEs, get out there and do the deal.  Whether online or face to face, the beautiful science of materials development is replaced by the mysterious art of sales and a new skills set needs to emerge for your team.

This free webinar is open to all interested delegates, with a closed Member-only discussion session following presentations.

That money won’t earn itself so find out how it’s done on November 13!

Nano in Business - Nanomaterials for Dual Use

Event Dates: 
22 Jan 2020
Event Venue: 
With the advanced properties enabled by nanomaterials across a wide range of applications, dual use for civil and defence is a logical business consideration. Despite a common start point material, dual use materials have distinct pathways from a technology, standards, regulatory and business perspective and this webinar explores the emerging European defence research alongside the established US framework.

NIA's Annual Symposium 2020

Event Dates: 
18 Mar 2020
Event Venue: 

Join NIA in Brussels for our 9th Annual Symposium.  The Symposium brings Members and our wider community together to discuss key drivers behind commercial development of nanotechnologies, advanced materials and network across sectors and countries for the development of your business and research.

Session 1: Advancing Nano – what does the EU future hold?

Scientific Colloquium 25 “Microplastics and nanoplastics in food and feed”

Event Dates: 
08 Jun 2020 to 09 Jun 2020
Event Venue: 

Save the date! Microplastics and nanoplastics in food and feed, EFSA 25th Scientific Colloquium, 8-9 June 2020

Microplastics are small particles of plastic less than 5mm in size; nanoplastics are even smaller, ranging from 1 to 100 nanometres (N.B. 1 nanometre equals one-millionth of a millimetre).

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