The Nanotechnology Industries Association undertakes a broad range of activities to support Members directly and also to support the wider development of a scientific, regulatory and business ecosysyem.

Directly to Members

Organisations active within nanomaterials development and application have defined challenges to bring novel nanomaterials or nano-enabled products to market.  Functionality, safety, manufacture, regulatory approval and consumer awareness are all central to a successful nanomaterial, whichever sector in which novel materials are applied.

NIA supports each key area of materials development through services to Members, including:
  • Regulatory support: NIA delivers constant Regulatory Support to Members, plus a Regulatory Monitoring Database and Global Regulatory Working Group
  • Business and scientific networking: NIA works with Associations across multiple sectors to bring Members into contact with potential new applications and partners.
  • Scientific advancement: NIA delivers the Nanotechnology Innovation Council, which brings Members together for joint horizon scanning into latest disruptive technologies, safety and other advancements that will benefit Member development.

​The wider nanotechnology ecosystem 

Beyond the immediate needs of nanomaterials developers throughout the value chain, is the wider long term global development of a framework in which nanomaterials can successfully impact consumers and the environment.  NIA is active with policy makers at national, EU and international levels, regulators across the globe and actors that enable nanomaterials, including investors and civil society.

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