Burdinola Safer Labs is a recognized international company established in 1978  and specialized in the management and integral development of laboratory projects.

Our commitment to the safety of the installations and professional users is our major hallmark. Safety is what guides Burdinola throughout the laboratory creation process, from preliminary studies of risk identification and space design to equipment and installations. Furthermore, we maintain the demanding premises in sustainability, custom-made solutions, design, efficiency, quality and integral solutions. 

An example of our philosophy and discipline is our active participation in forums and associations where international standards are established such us:  the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) -in 1985, we assumed Spanish representation in the field of laboratories in general and fume cupboards in particular. At the same time, we are pioneers in the application of sustainable criteria to the design and development of our products, being members of EGNATON (The European Association of Sustainable Laboratory Technologies Foundation) and following Cradle to cradle, PEFC and EPD programs.

As a company at the forefront of the sector, we are continuously innovating. Proof of this is the recent launch of the NANO Chamber. A worldwide innovation, the first chamber of the market tested for work with nanoparticles guaranteeing the maximum safety for both, the user and  the sample.


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