Our latest webinar Scale up of nanomaterials manufacture is now available on YouTube. Watch it here.

Innovation in nanomaterials creates almost infinite variety of high potential applications, however market potential must be unlocked through manufacturing and, more specifically, scale up. NIA takes a look at how scale up is being achieved for nanomaterials, with new actors entering the market at the small and large scale.

Promethean Particles manufactures nanoparticles with capacities in excess of 1,000 tonnes per year through a patented continuous flow process, the largest reactor system of its kind in the world. Operating cross-sectors, the company tailors its process to customer specification by using both large and small-scale reactors.

The Promethean technology includes:

  • Agile scale up for volume production
  • Efficient, sustainable and fully automated process with multi-material flexibility
  • Continuous ‘just-in time’ manufacturing No health & safety implications of dry powder handling.

Corning is a global supplier of continuous flow reactors that have been designed and engineered for rapid and seamless scale-up, as well as advanced heat transfer and mixing parameters. The portfolio of (photo) flow reactors allow users to obtain consistent distribution and quality, more control over (photo) reactions, and the ability to add selective light sources. This presentation highlights examples of nanoparticles synthesis performed using Corning® Advanced-Flow™ Reactor Technology and how this enables lab scale to industrial production