With its large network and track record in proactive, collaborative approaches with the regulators, the NIA works with the regulators of the above mentioned initiative, in order to address the stakeholders' concerns in pushing for the reporting of nanomaterials, whilst avoiding undue burden on the industries and ultimately protecting the innovative potential of nanotechnologies for economy and society. Answering the growing concern of nanotechnology industries, the NIA also proactively informs and supports the industries regarding any compliance issues.

  • In 2012, NIA hosted a symposium on ‘Mandatory Reporting Schemes and Databases of Nanomaterials’, which enabled a dialogue between the nanotechnology industries and representatives of many of the abovementioned governments.
  • In 2006, NIA-UK offered its support to its Members with the completion and filing of submissions to the UK DEFRA.
  • In 2006, NIA-UK responded the UK DEFRA's proposed 'Voluntary Reporting Scheme for engineered nanoscale materials'.
  • NIA actively supports its Members in submitting information and reports to diverse databases & reporting schemes.
  • NIA nurtures a healthy dialogue between the industry and regulatory bodies to ensure the development of the most appropriate schemes.
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