On 19 March 2013, NIA co-hosted an event entitled Current Developments in Standards and Regulation for Nanotechnologies with the Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN) at the UK's National Physics Laboratory's (NPL) facilities in Teddington, United Kingdom.

This one-day workshop attracted 33 high-profile individuals.  It 'highlighted various ways in which nanotechnology companies can contribute to the standardisation process with information on its benefits for research, development and commercialisation of nanotechnology'. 

In breakout sessions, attendants were invited to formulate answers to the following questions:

  • 'What new standards and practical test methodologies need to be developed to support product development?
  • What new nanoscale technologies need standardisation in the short to medium term (up to 5 years)?
  • How can the current standards portfolio be disseminated effectively and UK industry encouraged to participate in development?
  • Is there scope for more facilitated and collaborative standards making, i.e. workshop agreements or inter-laboratory comparisons?'


Please follow this link to download the full report.

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