The Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) has submitted consolidate comments to the European Commission Consultation ‘Towards a Strategic Nanotechnology Action Plan (SNAP) 2010-2015’.

The electronic submission tool was somewhat restrictive, and many answers need to be given in a multiple-choice format; free text, however, was submitted to the following two questions:

Which new EU policy actions related to nanotechnologies should be envisaged?
[The Commission should] conduct and update a gap-analysis of (eco)toxicology data on nanomaterials (in collab[oration] with OECD WPMN and industry), [the outcomes of this should ultimately contribute to] set[ting] FP7/FP8 research spending to address gaps, & publically discuss the results [of the research projects].

Other suggestions - comments (max. 1200 characters):
[The Commission should] include: (a) specific targets, measurable against milestones and deliverables, (b) increased strategic research planning in collaboration with industries, (c) stronger collaboration with international fora, in order to avoid trade issues and to maximise the outcome of research and development work, (d) creation of common definitions regarding terminology, nomenclature and categorization, (e) strengthen efforts in the development of potential hazard and exposure data, as well as the relevance of ‘conventional’; (eco)toxicology tests, (d) consider establishment of a centre of excellence at the EU level, in order to collect, interpret and manage all the results/information generated at the EU level. This dedicated centre would be very helpful by providing appropriate advice to each stakeholder, (e) combine risk assessment considerations with risk management practicalities, (d) continue to drive risk assessment and management mainly based on a case-by-case approach where the precautionary/proportion principle is adjusted according to expert’ advices; for all of the above: seek specific collaborations with OECD WPMN, OECD WPN, ISO, and Members States.

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Registered NIA Members can download a PDF print of the NIA's full online submission here.

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