NIA Members have been busy winning prizes this autumn and we are delighted to celebrate with them!

Endomag (UK): Endomag won not one, but two prizes – will the winning never end? Winners at TechTrack100 for Best Management Team, headed by our very own Eric Mayes, CEO and 'Best Established Medtech Company' at the OBN Awards.

Promethean Particles (UK): NIA’s latest new Member was winner of the Manufacturing Technology Award at the Engineering UK ‘Collaborate to Innovate Awards’ and you can see Selina Ambrose, Technical Manager plus the team from the SHYMAN project which helped to build the Promethean Plant in Nottingham.

Particular Materials (IT). winning start-up or the AMS - Advanced Materials for Sustainability Call for Innovation and you can hear from Particular Materials in our “Nano in Business – How to sell nanomaterials” webinar on Wednesday 13th November.