At its plenary meeting 30-31 the EC SCCS (European Commission Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety) adopted its revised new 'Guidance on the safety assessment of nanomaterials in cosmetics'. The Guidance should be used together with the general  cosmetics guidance document (currently in its 10th revision)

The nanomaterials guidance has undergone several structural changes to give emphasis to phys-chem characterisation and exposure assessment as a starting point for safety assessment of nanomaterials, and to put more emphasis on the use of alternative methods for hazard assessment. The guidance also provides a check list for submitting a safety dossier to SCCS as an annex. 

The guidance have been updated to reflect current state of knowledge with regard to safety assessment of nanomaterials and now includes specific sections on e.g. coatings, nanocarriers, encapsulation and immunotoxicity, grouping and read-across.