The European Commission Scientific Committe on Consumer Safety (SCCS) has just published its scientific opinion on 'Titanium Dioxide (nano form) as UV-Filter in sprays'. The SCCS concludes that 'the information provided is insufficient to allow assessment of the safety of the use of nano-TiO2 in spray applications that could lead to exposure of the consumer’s lungs'. 

This opinion follows previous SCCS opinions on TiO2 as sunscreens. In 2013 SCCS concluded that the use of Titanium Dioxide (nano) as UV-filter in sunscreens, at a concentration up to 25 %, can be considered not to pose any risk of adverse effects in humans after application on healthy, intact or sunburnt skin. However, at that time the SCCS could not conclude on the use of TiO2 in sprayable applications. 

The dossier for the current opinion was submitted in 2015 to SCCS to support the safe use of Titanium Dioxide (nano) when used as UV-Filter in sunscreens and personal care spray products at a concentration up to 5.5%.

The SCCS mentions several insufficiencies in the dosseir and states e.g. that 'Particle size distributions of a representative sample of materials to be used in sprays are required'.