NIA was part of a multi-project consortium that delivered the 2 day workshop "Nanomaterials: Industrial workshop on Safe by Design" in Bilbao on April 24-25, managed by the project Nanogentools.

Projects dedicated to building the concept and tools behind Safe by Design came together, including:

  • caLIBRAte has the aim to funnel the state-of-the-art in nanosafety research and merge it with state-of-the-art risk governance and communication sciences to establish a versatile risk governance framework for assessment and management of human and environmental risks of MN and MN-enabled products
  • Nanoreg2 will establish new principles and ideas based on data from value chain implementation studies to establish SbD as a fundamental pillar in the validation of a novel MNM
  • nanoFASE delivers an integrated Exposure Assessment Framework, develop a set of novel concepts and approaches to underpin the Exposure Assessment Framework and strongly link research, exploitation and dissemination
  • nanoMILE aims to deliver fundamental understanding of the mechanisms of nanomaterial interactions with living systems and the environment, across the entire life cycle of nanomaterials
  • GUIDEnano is developing a web-based guidance tool, which will help the nano-enabled products users to design and apply of the most appropriate risk assessment & mitigation strategy for a specific product

The workshop focused on the long term integration of Safe by Design by industry and planning the transition into industry practise.
The full agenda, including slides from all projects can be found HERE and the consortium of projects intends to extend the industry impact of their work with a webinar-based version of the workshop in the autumn of 2017.