ECHA and the European Commission (DG Environment) are undertaking a study to assess the extent to which SDSs and Exposure Scenarios (ES) provide relevant information for end-use formulators who produce consumer mixtures, specifically regarding the exposure assessments which are required under REACH.

As part of this stakeholder consultation which is integral to this study, companies are being invited to participate in a questionnaire regarding “Consumer mixtures: formulators’ experiences with exposure assessments for consumer use”.

This survey is specifically intended for relevant companies.


The experience of the end-user formulators of dealing with the information coming from SDS/ES (whether experiences are positive or negative) is fundamentally important to this study and the information provided by your members is one of the key data sources for this study. This means that this is a unique opportunity for companies to provide input and feedback which can impact future developments regarding those supply chain communication issues that they experience.  

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