The SCCS primary opinion on TiO2 is now open for consultation until 6th February 2023. The Opinion evaluated several grades of TiO2 used in cosmetic products and considers that the current evidence is not sufficient to rule out genotoxicity with the exception of RM09 and RM11. Since SCCS focuses on dermal and oral mucosa exposure due to the expected use of TiO2 in cosmetics (toothpaste and mouth washes), more information is required regarding cellular uptake and cellular effects in the oral mucosa. The Committee points out that the conclusions drawn in previous SCCS opinions on the safety of titanium dioxide used in specific cosmetic products that may lead to exposure by inhalation also remain unchanged. Regarding safe concentrations limits, the SCCS opinion concludes that it cannot recommend any safe limits for the materials when used in cosmetic products that could lead to oral or inhalation exposure, other than those already indicated in the previous SCCS opinions. The SCCS is also requested to review and indicate the respective specifications for TiO2 when used in cosmetics, where they state that, due to potential genotoxicity concerns of the different grades of TiO2, applicants should go ahead with proposals for those grades used in products leading to oral and inhalation exposure. Finally, safety assessment of the pigmentary grades should also account for the percentage of particles in the nanosize (in terms of particle number and median constituent of particle size).