Test Guideline 318:  Dispersion Stability of Nanomaterials in Simulated Environmental Media has been released by the OECD. According to the international organisation it ‘provides a simple and effective tool that can analyse the dispersion stability of nanomaterials in aqueous media. It is one of the prerequisites for a subsequent robust and reliable safety testing of nanomaterials‘.

This publication was accompanied by the adaptation of two test guidelines to nanomaterials. Test Guideline 412:  28-Day (Subacute) Inhalation Toxicity Study and Test Guideline 413:  90-Day (Subchronic) Inhalation Toxicity Study were modified to allow testing and hazard identification of inhaled nanomaterials.

Covered by the Mutual Acceptance of Data (MAD) the OECD Test Guidelines are internationally accepted standard methods for the regulatory testing of chemicals.

The test guidelines can be downloaded following these links:

Please follow this link for the OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals.