A new freely available web based platform that the NIA helped developed will aid scientists developing and using internationally accepted testing standards for chemicals and nanomaterials.

The OECD publishes internationally agreed and accepted standard methods for the safety testing of chemicals and nanomaterials. Under the OECD Mutual Acceptance of Data (MAD) system, laboratory tests performed under an accepted TG and following Good Laboratory Practises (GLP), can be accepted in all OECD Member countries and countries adhering to MAD for the purposes of safety assessment.

The NanoHarmony OECD TG/GD Process Mentor (www.testguideline-development.org) provides assistance on how to develop or adapt OECD Test Guidelines (TGs) and Guidance Documents (GDs). The interactive web-based platform has been developed as part of the Horizon 2020 funded NanoHarmony project in which the NIA was a partner.

“Industry needs the OECD Test Guidelines to be updated for nanomaterials to help them fulfil their regulatory obligations and this tool will make this process more accessible for scientists working on new methods. For our members, the NanoHarmony OECD TG/GD Process Mentor will be a useful tool to help them understand how to navigate through the OECD development process”, explains Dr Blanca Suarez Merina, NIA’s Director of Regulatory Affairs.

The NanoHarmony Process mentor can be accessed for free at (www.testguideline-development.org) by anyone with an interest in OECD Test Guidelines.