NIA was delighted to be in action across EuroNanoForum in Malta, between June 21-23.  We joined forces with partners across Europe to create the most active exhibitor booth.  NIA, INERIS, University of Leeds, Tutech, Joanneum and National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NRCWE) worked together to present mini-workshops, discussion groups and networking around the booth over the three day conference. 

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When NIA went to Malta...

  • Regulatory Priorities in 2017​ NIA's Guillaume Flament and Anthony Bochon from Member Squire Patton Boggs presented and discussed regulatory priorities that impact the development of novel nanomaterials to market. Download the slides:
  • Funding tracker NIA's Claire Skentelbery presented the SME Instrument and Eurostars as tools for funding the development of nanomaterials and nanotechnology processes, with examples of successful projects as diverse as environmentally friendly graphene production to crowd-funded next generation power tool batteries.  Download the slides
  • Delivering safe nanotechnology to market​ NIA was co-organiser of a full day workshop which featured 12 expert presentations from the European Commission, NanoSafety Cluster and projects from across Europe plus a panel discussion with the great and the good from across the nanosafety spectrum.  Download the agenda and slides from keynotes and sessions that included:
    • Delivering safe nanotechnology to the market
    • Creating a nanosafety community  for market success
    • Creating a standards community  for market success
    • Tools for safety assessment
    • Towards safe-by-design
    • The future of risk governance