NIA Member Solvay has written a Guest column in ECHA's latest newsletter 'Solvay’s view on new requirements for nanomaterials' published on 14 November. 

Solvay has for a long time 'engaged in a proactive dialogue on nanomaterials with national authorities and European agencies to help clarify the data required for nanoforms that are placed on the EU market.'

As the 1 January 2020 requirements for nanoforms draws closer there are several challenges for industries. One example is e.g. 'The update of the REACH annexes requires companies to intensify discussions with each other and it is important to carefully manage information that might be considered sensitive – especially related to competition laws.' 

Another issue mentioned by Solvay is '...some of the testing methods required are still under development at the OECD level and will also not be ready by the January 2020 deadline. Given the complexity of the new regulatory requirements, we foresee significant uncertainty for registrants in trying to fulfil their legal obligations.'