After almost 4 years of research and development, NIA Member Burdinola has launched the first chamber tested to work with nanoparticles, guaranteeing maximum safety for both the user and the sample.

Burdinola's new product creates a new product category through designed engineered to manage substances at the nanoscale. It prevents the release of nanoparticles into the laboratory atmosphere and avoid dispersion, agglomeration, loss or degradation of the sample. Its aerodynamic design, which incorporates a double filtration system, operates at very low speeds, together with the patented Caresafe Curtain system, delivering optimum results in terms of containment and energy efficiency. Ergonomics is guaranteed as the sash opening is up to 500mm, incorporating a large interior workspace. In addition, it includes the weighing table function which makes it a multifunctional equipment.

Find out more about safe management of nanomaterials in the lab on November 3, with our webinar 'Nano in Action: Safe Use of Nanomaterials in the Lab'.