In its commitment to support its members and engage collaboratively with peer organizations, the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) has become a part of The Particles Platform. This informal network of associations fosters connections, facilitates the exchange of information, and pursues joint advocacy efforts concerning particle-related issues.

The mission of The Particles Platform is to enhance the understanding of particle-related issues among regulatory and policy bodies, striving to establish balanced regulations that safeguard public health while fostering innovation. The Platform’s membership is robust, including CEFIC and its specialty chemical groups, national chemical associations from various European countries like Italy, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, along with other significant European trade associations such as ECETOC, Eurometaux, and Cosmetics Europe.

This alliance provides a valuable forum for discussing scientific and regulatory updates from both the EU and global perspectives, enhancing interactions with regulatory authorities. By uniting with The Particles Platform, the NIA amplifies its representation of member interests and enhances its influence on regulatory discussions.

Blanca Suarez, the NIA’s Director of Regulatory Affairs, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: "I am eager to collaborate with peers from other associations within The Particles Platform. This cooperation will not only broaden our access to regulatory authorities but also ensure that the nanotechnology sector remains a priority in discussions related to particle management.” She added, “Our members stand to gain significantly from our interactions with these associations, many of which represent key markets for our members’ innovations and products.”

Members interested in further information about The Particles Platform are encouraged to reach out to Blanca Suarez at or Sean Kelly at The NIA will continue to provide updates on its activities within the Platform, ensuring members are well-informed of the ongoing efforts.