During October 2023 the NIA Regulatory Affairs Director attended the CEN/352 Nanotechnologies meeting hosted in BSI (UK) where the status of the different CEN preliminary working items was presented and discussed and new ideas put forwards, regarding future standard needs from the Nanotechnology sector. The NIA remains open to new ideas from members, which could be introduced at the next CEN meeting in March 2024.

The NIA also attended the Chemcon 2023 Conference in Vienna (October 2023) which focused on the Global Chemical Regulations and where the NIA presented the global perspective of regulations regarding nanomaterials. Besides a review of the different regulatory needs worldwide (focusing on standard chemicals), safe and sustainable was also on the agenda and challenges for the chemical industry to achieve the EU climate neutral goal were discussed, further information is provided to NIA members through the NIA conference notes.

The NIA participated at the first Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) Camp hosted at the EU JRC site in Ispra (Italy). The aim of the Camp was to present the current status and goals of SSbD and discuss implementation ideas, opportunities and pitfalls of the strategy. The NIA remains open for introducing and discussing with members the SSbD EU framework and the current implementation path and has already provided feedback to the European Commission on member’s views.

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