The Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA), the leading global voice for for the nanotechnology community since 2005,  announces  its new Board of Directors, elected during its Annual General Meeting (AGM).

As the impact of nanotechnology on society continues to accelerate innovations that fuel economic growth, improve quality of life, open up new industrial possibilities, and aim to meet the critical needs of the 21st century – the NIA board will advise the organization's future vision, mission, and strategies. Their focus will be on how to effectively meet the evolving needs of the nanotechnology community for the coming decade, through dedicated advocacy and educational initiatives.

The Board, composed of distinguished experts in nanotechnology and related fields, is essential to steering the Association and providing guidance to the executive team as they manage the NIA's daily operations. The newly elected Board members are set to fulfill their duties over a term of two years.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

  • Landon Mertz, CEO of Cerion Nanomaterials, will continue as the Chair of the Board, during his 10+year tenure at Cerion, he has been frequently recognized for his work to advance the growth and maturity of the nanomaterials community. He is a passionate champion of the critical concepts for successful commercialization of products utilizing nanomaterials and frequently featured as a keynote speaker & contributor to industry publications.

Board Members

  • Richard Berry, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer at Celluforce, recognized for his pioneering work in Nanocrystalline Cellulose and recipient of numerous awards including the Nano-industry award from NanoQuébec and the TAPPI Nanotechnology Division Award.
  • Dr. Ishrat Chaudhuri, Senior Principal Toxicologist at Cabot Corporation, brings her extensive experience in regulatory toxicology, product stewardship, and nanotoxicology to the forefront of NIA's mission.
  • Dr. Francesca Peditto, representing Solvay, with her rich background in global product stewardship and material science, enhancing NIA's focus on innovative research and regulatory compliance.
  • Dr. Allen Reid, Commercial Director at NANOGAP, whose strategic vision and expertise in commercializing nanotechnologies will drive NIA towards new horizons in nanotechnology applications.

More information about our board members can be found here.