In a significant move towards fostering international cooperation in the field of nanotechnology and advanced materials, the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) and the Nanotechnology Business Creation Initiative (NBCI) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 15  November 2023. This groundbreaking agreement marks a new era of collaboration between Japan and Europe in these cutting-edge sectors.


Both the NIA and NBCI are committed to supporting the growth and advancement of nanotechnology and advanced materials in their respective territories and have started to collaborate on shared areas of interest. Signing this MOU formalises their intention to collaborate and share knowledge, foster bilateral exchanges, and promote technology cooperation and business development between Japan and Europe and between the members of both associations.

Purpose of the MOU:

The MOU establishes cooperative ties between the two associations to advance trade and investment between Japan and Europe. Key aspects of the agreement include:

  • Regular exchange of publications, information on nanotechnology policy, research trends, products, industry, and trade promotional activities.
  • Coordination of exhibitions, seminars, and conferences to exchange information, technology, innovation, and business practices.
  • Collaboration in international activities concerning advanced materials, aligning with entities such as the OECD.

The MOU will be effective for three years and will help foster international collaboration between the NIA and NBCI and their respective members in the area of nano and advanced materials.


The NIA and NBCI will work together on expanding nanotechnology commercialisation amongst their member organisations. This includes supporting visiting delegations and arranging business-to-business and business to government matchmaking services. The agreement also emphasizes the importance of knowledge sharing and joint participation in international activities related to nano and advanced materials.

Statement from Dr Sean Kelly, Director General (Interim) of NIA:

We live in a global world and there is a need for us to work in collaboration with partners such as NBCI to help support our members and their work. Giving opportunity to the members of both our associations to work together to innovate, manufacture safely and trade fairly in both Europe and Japan is the main focus of this new collaboration. We look forward to a broad collaboration that will benefit our industry.

Statement from Nobuaki Ishii, Secretary General of NBCI:

This MOU represents a significant step forward in international cooperation in nanotechnology and advanced materials for both of our associations. We will work together to address issues surrounding nanotechnology in both Europe and Japan, particularly regarding the regulation of nanomaterials and advanced materials in order to balance innovation and safety. We are committed to providing important opportunities for our members to trade with each other.  We welcome the signing of the MOU and anticipate a beneficial relationship between the NIA and NBCI.

For more information, please contact sean.kelly[at]nanotechia[dot]org or Nobuaki Ishii at ishii[at]nbci[dot]jp