The EUON (European Observatory on Nanomaterials) hosted by ECHA, has a nano opinion section where EU-OSHA (European Agency for Safety and Health at Work) published on 12 November  'Nanomaterials in Europe’s workplaces: what are the risks and how can they be managed?'

The opinion gathers the European resources and regulations applicable to protect workers dealing with nanomaterials. 

'The European Commission has published a guidance document on protecting workers from the potential risks associated with nanomaterials for employers and safety and health practitioners. A similar European Commission guidance document on working safely with manufactured nanomaterials has also been produced for workers.'

EU-OSHA has also published several info-sheets related to nanomaterials, e.g. for nanomaterials in the workplace

EU-OSHA hopes 'to increase knowledge, enable the sharing of good practices and build a strong risk prevention culture throughout Europe'.