In 2017, the Swiss Federal Council opened discussions on the modification of national ordinances on chemicals and biocides and proposed modifying its definition of a nanomaterial as well as introducing a general requirement for the registration of nanomaterials in the Confederation.

After a period of consultation, the Swiss authorities have retained the following: under article 48, manufacturers are required to register, up to three months after the product has been placed on the market, any nanomaterial intentionally containing  fibres or biopersistent tubes of a length superior to 5μm. 

The registration shall contain information on:

  • the composition of the nanomaterial, the shape of particles and their average size, as well as, when such information is available, the granulorametric distribution, volume specific surface, crystalline structure, aggregation state, surface coating and functionalisation, and,
  • the quantities foreseen to be placed on the market

In addition, preparations containing such nanomaterials shall also include information on their composition, shape, and all other criteria described above.

This information is considered confidential and worthy of protection.

The Swiss Federal Council also modified the Ordinance on Biocidal Products, and specifically included a reference to the provisions already applying to active substances containing nanomaterials under the European Regulation on Biocidal Products (528/2012).

These new provisions enter into force on 1 March 2018.

Please follow this link for more information on the modifications of the Swiss Chemical and Biocidal Ordinances (in French, German and Italian).