The Malta Initiative just launched a survey to collect input on priorities where OECD Test Guidelines (TGs) and Guidance Documents (GDs) need actions to make them applicable for nanomaterials and (other) advanced materials, i.e. materials that come with specific properties and behaviour due to their size, shape and structure. You are invited to give your input on a preliminary list of suggested topics. Depending on your field of expertise you can choose specific topics you want to comment upon.

The survey is available here. We welcome your input until 12 January 2024.

The Malta Initiative aims to define priorities for making OECD TGs and GDs applicable for nanomaterials and (other) advanced materials. Priorities are set with the aim to:

  • Help making legislation implementable and support industry with their regulatory compliance.
  • Highlight the importance of these activities by listing highly relevant topics and rating them.
  • Provide guidance for decision makers towards funding of activities.
  • Guide and encourage scientists to support work towards OECD TGs/GDs.
  • Support the work at OECD.
  • Collect resources to support the activities.

The list will indicate the endpoints and existing TGs the actions will impact on, while providing the specific products aimed for (e.g. amended/new TG, GD or scoping review) and a tentative timeline towards the product. The list is intended as a living document to be adjusted to progress, either by the actions themselves or by factors outside (e.g. changes in regulation). Topics are rated as highly relevant according to the following questions:

  • Is the action relevant for multiple TGs or endpoints?
  • Is it broadly relevant for regulation?
  • Is it industrially relevant?
  • Can an output quickly be created?

Thank you for taking this effort a step further by providing input via the survey.