On Sunday 27th of May, the French Government amendment No. 2557 was adopted by the National Assembly. The amendment states the Government shall take regulatory measures to suspend the placing on the market of additive E171 (titanium dioxide - TiO2) as well as foods containing it. This is based on the French Consumer Code, articles 521‑17 and  also under Article 54 'Other Emergeny Measures' in EU Regulatin (EC) 178/2002 (the General Food Law Regulation).

The amendment also requests the government, by 1 January 2019, submit a report to Parliament on all measures taken concerning the importation and placing on the market, free of charge or on the market, of any foodstuff containing titanium dioxide as an additive food (E 171) and consumer uses. 

In this context, it should be noted that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) received a request from the European Commission on 22 March 2018, that EFSA accepted on 6 or April, to provide a scientific opinion on four recent scientific studies related to TiO2. The EFSA opininon is scheduled no later than 30 June. 

NIA published the the intention from the French on May 18