The European Commission has released its Strategic Research and Innovation Plan (SRIP) for Chemicals in the Green Deal, setting out an overarching plan for addressing R&I needs across the lifecycle of chemicals and materials.

The objective of the SRIP is to stimulate and guide researchers as well as R&I funders at EU, national, and private level to take a joint and coordinated approach to tackle the challenges on the path to deliver chemicals and materials for the Green Deal.

The document, which will inform the Horizon Europe Work Programme 2023-24 (whose adoption is expected by the end of the year), outlines the outstanding R&I needs related to chemicals and materials across their lifecycles, as well as the key enablers and cross-cutting aspects crucial for maximizing the impact of future research.

The SRIP is the outcome of a process which included extensive stakeholder consultation; we are glad to see that points raised by NIA were retained in the final document, notably on the importance of OECD Test Guidelines (TGs) for regulatory compliance.

The full document can be downloaded at this link.