The European Observatory on Nanomaterials (EUON) today published the report from a commissioned work on nanomaterial pigments on the European market. The study found 81 pigments on the market, which are listed in an inventory also on the EUON website. The pigments were identified by analysing REACH registration database, the Danish product register and publications by the Belgian and French national inventories.

The report identifes a number of gaps, and states that 'Dry pigments present the highest concern because they can be easily inhaled and ingested. Exposures to nano-sized pigments that are integrated into polymer, paint or coating matrices are not thought to be significant, and the risks to consumers from such uses are low.' It further states that 'dry and free nanopigments which could become airborne, present the highest concern since there is evidence from animal studies for potential adverse health effects of inhaled (nano) particles'.