The European Observatory for Nanomaterials (EUON) has released a market study predicting growth in the European nanomaterial market over the 2021-2025 period.

The study, carried out by NIA member Novamechanics, looks at the EU (plus EEA countries and Switzerland) market for nanomaterials, including substances, uses, volumes, as well as key producers, traders and users. It expects a growth in both volume and value, primarily driven by nanoclays, nanocellulose and carbon-based nanomaterials.

Technological advancements as well as demand for functional and affordable products will be the main factors of growth, with a wide range of applications in the transport, energy, food packaging, construction and healthcare sectors.

On the other hand, the current regulatory framework is still perceived as a significant barrier to growth, albeit one with the potential of enhancing users' trust in the reliability of nano-based products. Public funding at both EU and national level is expected to remain a significant enabler for the continued development and commercialization of new nanomaterials.

The full report can be found at this link.