In the CARACAL meeting of June 30 - July 1, ECHA reported updated figures on REACH dossiers updated for nanoforms.  In the end March CARACAL meeting, ECHA had reported lower than expected dossier updates, with 123 dossiers in total (29 Lead, 90 Member and 4 Individual). 

At the end June CARACAL meeting, it was reported that a further 37 unique submissions had been received by May 31st, bringing the number of substances covered to 54.

The previously low completeness has been improved to 74% for submissions (member dossiers that rely on the jointly submitted information in the lead dossier, completeness has been checked with respect to the Annex VI information only).  The main area of completeness remains justification of nanoforms sets.

Significant industrial feedback has been received on lack of access to methodologies and ECHA invites further information on impact of potential lack of laboratory capacity.

The full CARACAL report is available here (login required)

Note from NIA: NIA has supported ECHA  industrial communications through a two webinars (jointly with Cefic and EuroMetaux) and is also working to support Test Guideline development through the NanoHarmony project (end points critical for nanomaterials in support of TG development).  Find out more here.