On the 24th of November the NIA Director of Regulatory Affairs attended the 19th meeting of the Nanomaterials Expert Group (NMEG) in Helsinki at ECHA premises, where technical issues relating to the implementation of REACH, CLP, and the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) for nanomaterials were discussed. The main topics included an update on ECHA activities focusing on the status of Technical Compliance Checks for TiO2, MWCNTs, ZnO and Synthetic Amorphous Silica (SAS), the status of two on-going projects namely a project on risk assessment and sameness and the new ECHA awarded project on methodologies regarding building sets of similar nanoforms. Member State activities included a presentation of an initial proposal for Regulatory Management Option Analysis (RMOA) for fibres, the status of the Malta Initiative Priority List, and the current status of challenges regarding laboratory testing services for the nanosize including the particular case of iron oxides. Regarding adaptation of OECD guidelines to nanomaterials, an update was provided for toxicokinetics and Testing Guidance 305 on bioaccumulation in fish. 

A detailed report on the NMEG-19 meeting is available to NIA members.