Session 1 - Regional development for nanotechnology and KETs.  How regional governments and clusters support the development of commercial nanotechnology

Chair: Paula Galvão, INL

Session 2 - Long term framework for nanotechnology innovation. Long term policy and economic conditions for nanotechnology delivery are critical for successful economic return.  The Nanodata project presents industry-reviewed recommendations to underpin FP9 planning in DG RTD and the workshop will agree priority recommendations for nanotechnology and other KETs.

Chair: Jacqueline Allan, Joint Institute for Innovation Policy

Session 3 – Demonstration infrastructures for excellence in nanotechnology and wider KETs. How regional actions and infrastructures can boost EU performance.  Europe needs facilities at higher TRLs to deliver KETs into industry products and processes.  The Vanguard Initiative and European Network for Pilot Production Facilities will present needs, current development and a future pathway, with recommendations from the workshop on how Europe can build further in FP9.

Chair: Els Van de Velde, Idea Consult and Vanguard Initiative

Session 4 - Nanosafety as a business opportunity for Europe.  How the significant EU investment in nanosafety excellence can translate into a business opportunity for the region.

Chair: Claire Skentelbery, Nanotechnology Industries Association

Plenary discussion of final recommendations