On March 22, the Commission organized its second stakeholder workshop on the topic of Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD). The event saw the presentation and discussion of the working document prepared by the Joint Research Centre (JRC), outlining the proposed framework and criteria to assess under which conditions chemicals could be defined as safe- and sustainable-by-design.

The work is carried out as part of the implementation of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, whose objectives include the development of SSbD criteria to support the shift towards inherently safe and sustainable chemicals, materials and products, throughout the entire life cycle. A first stakeholder workshop to discuss the concept approach was held in March 2021 (the NIA notes from the event are available at this link).

The draft report is now open for comments until April 5. The Commission has indicated its intention to organize a follow-up session in the second half of the month to discuss the feedback received. In the meantime, the recording of the March workshop can be watched at this link, and the NIA notes from the discussion consulted here.