As a global regulatory consultancy, the CPC regulatory group have been actively monitoring global regulatory developments for nanomaterials e.g. EU REACH, US TSCA and Health Canada Work Plan initiative. As such in preparation for the 1 Jan 2020 EU REACH requirement for Nanoforms, Covance’s consultancy group developed a project to proactively identify potential nanomaterials for substances registered under EU REACH for customers, with recommendations of data/actions required to update their dossiers according to the new REACH requirements for Nanoforms.

The Covance Regulatory Consultancy team, based in Huntington UK, offers services including within nanomaterials, to support the global CRO activities of Covance.  Regulatory services include:

  • Consultation/ Development of Regulatory strategy to support country-specific or worldwide registration
  • Optimized testing packages for global registrations
  • Regulatory / industry intelligence
  • Independent due diligence/ scientific review and gap analysis of study data
  • Specific services, including nanomaterials, Agency interactions



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