NIA's Annual Symposium was back as a face-to-face for its 10th edition.  The event was held in Brussels on 23 November 2022. Participants discussed the interplay between nanotechnology developments and the ambitious EU policy goals for the chemicals sector: how nano applications will enable other sectors to achieve their innovation and sustainability objectives; how the Chemical Strategy for Sustainability translates into regulatory and policy actions affecting nanomaterials, and what needs to be done to achieve industry preparedness; and how policymakers and stakeholders can better support these efforts.


 Session 1 – Implementing the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability

This session  set the scene with an overview of the current and upcoming topics of relevance for nanomaterials, and what implications will they have for businesses


  • Andrej Kobe, Policy Officer, DG Environment, European Commission SLIDES
  • Eric Bleeker, Senior Scientific Advisor, RIVM SLIDES


Session 2 – Sustainability: goals and challenges

This session looked at the sustainability discourse for the chemicals industry, both in terms of companies’ efforts and in terms of what solutions nanomaterials offer to other industries, enabling them to become more sustainable


  • Javier Sanfelix, Policy Officer, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission SLIDES
  • Dr Eldara Rodríguez Cobo, Innovation Manager, NanoGAP SLIDES


Session 3 – Bringing nanomaterials to market: barriers and opportunities

This session brought the economic dimension of sustainability into focus, discussing how to ensure that industry competitiveness and innovation are kept in mind 


  • Landon Mertz, CEO, Cerion Nanomaterials
  • Sean Kelly, Project Manager, NIA SLIDES