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  1. NIA Comments to Nature Nanotechnology REACT Now Article

    Posted on: 11 September, 2017

    Last week, the NIA was asked by Chemical Watch ( CW article published behid paywall ) to ... article by Danish researcher Steffen Foss Hansen ‘React now regarding nanomaterial regulation’ published in NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY | ... fall into the eager hands of regulators. News Articles ...

  2. Labelling of Nanomaterials in Cosmetic Products in the EU now mandatory

    Posted on: 11 July, 2013

    ... list; the name of ingredients present in the nanoform now has to 'be followed by the word “nano” in brackets’. Voted in by ... the European Commission Press Release . News Articles ...

  3. ECHA to hold Workshop on Regulatory Challenges in Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials

    Posted on: 9 May, 2014

    ... risks of chemical substances in [the] nanoform’. NIA’s Dr Carlander will be a member of the Scientific Committee preparing the ... and to express an interest in taking part . News Articles ...

  4. NIA EXCLUSIVE - Materials from NIA Symposium on Mandatory Nano Reporting Schemes and Databases now available

    Posted on: 1 March, 2013

    ... felt by the industry sectors facing these initiatives, the NIA held a symposium in order to provide information and to build a response to ... note that describes all of the day's events.   NIA Members can access these exclusive documents by following this link . ...

  5. Meeting Notes from 16th Plenary Meeting of EC SCCS now available

    Posted on: 25 December, 2012

    A report has recently been published summarising the discussions held as part ... SCCS’s 16th plenary meeting , and this link to read the NIA’s reporting on the committee’s zinc oxide opinion . News Articles ...

  6. NIA Workshop: Defining Nano!? - Compliance Requirements & Market Impact of the EU Definition of 'Nanomaterial'

    Posted on: 12 May, 2013

    ... ... find answers to these and many more questions at the NIA - Workshop: Defining Nano!? - Compliance Requirements & Market Impact ...

  7. Minutes from EC SCCS Nanomaterials in Cosmetics Working Group now available

    Posted on: 5 February, 2013

    ... to 'identify nanomaterials of concern', and that the WG is now looking at carbon black as well as titanium dioxide and S79. The ... in Cosmetic Products Working Group . News Articles ...

  8. NIA Reply to SCENIHR's Call for Information on Nanosilver is now available

    Posted on: 5 June, 2012

    ... Risks (SCENIHR), the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) submitted, on the 4 June 2012, a reply to the call on behalf of its Members. The NIA reply consists of general remarks that all available information should be ...

  9. IUCLID now featuring Nanomaterial-specific Reporting Templates

    Posted on: 24 April, 2013

    ... are based upon the OECD Harmonised Templates (OECD HTs). NIA, which contributed to the OECD HTs development, provided a significant ... this link for the JRC press release . News Articles ...

  10. Nanomaterials regulated under the Biocidal Product Regulation now in force

    Posted on: 2 September, 2013

    ... press release regarding the announcement of the BPR . NIA covers nanotechnology and nanomaterial developments in the biocides ... specific support to its Members . News Articles ...