NIA takes part in international collaborations to help build the nanotechnology ecosystem, particularly for industry.  It works throughout the value chain to ensure that development activities take into account industry needs for long term viability, building a balanced commercial environment for return on taxpayer investment into nanomaterials through publicly-funded research.


caLIBRAte aims to establish a risk governance framework for assessment and management of human and environmental risks of manufactured nanomaterials (MN) and MN-enabled products.  WEBPAGE


The INSPIRED project is a pilot line project which has the aim to fundamentally improve the printed electronics market in Europe through the development of high performance, cost-effective nanomaterial formulations in a range of commercial applications, including touchscreens and solar cells. WEBPAGE


NanoGenTools is a Marie Curie RISE project, bringing together nationally funded projects for exchanges of researchers through secondments, with expertise and experience moved across sectors and between industry and research. WEBSITE


The NanoReg2 project brings together over 40 partners, with the aim to couple grouping and Safe by Design (SbD)  in order to establish SbD as a fundamental pillar in the validation of a new material. WEBSITE


PATROLs will establish and standardise next generation advanced safety assessment tools for improved prediction of adverse effects of chronic engineered nanomaterials (ENM) in human and environmental systems.​ WEBSITE