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Dutch National Institute for Health and Environment Launches Nanotech Exposure Tool

The National Institute for Health and Environment in the Netherlands has released a new tool to help companies and researchers evaluate exposure by simulating how nanomaterials will act when used as part of an aerosol spray . The ConsExpo Nano, which was developed as part of the NanoNextNI project, Predictive Modeling of Human Exposure,  determines the magnitude and duration of the alveolar load of a nanomaterial by estimating the external aerosol concentration.

Nanotechnology Industries Association Announces New Director General

The Board of Directors for the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA), the sector-independent and responsible voice for the industrial nanotechnologies supplies chain, has formally selected Dr. David Carlander to serve as the permanent NIA Director General.

UK Releases Report on Workplace Exposure and Controls During Nanomaterial Manufacturing

This week, the United Kingdom's Health and Safety Laboratory, a division of the Health and Safety Executive,  issued a report assessing how employees encounter airborne nanomaterials during their manufacture, handling and use, as well as the steps companies are taking to ensure safe exposure rates. The study was limited in scope, assessing only four UK-based companies, and cautions against overgeneralising any results.

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