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  1. Minutes from EC SCCS Working Group Meeting now available

    Posted on: 27 September, 2012

    ... from the WG meeting . Follow this link to read the NIA's reporting of the ZnO opinion , and of the minutes from the last WG meeting . News Articles ...

  2. NIA Comment on draft Nanosilver Opinion now publicly available

    Posted on: 17 June, 2014

    ... it published its draft opinion in December 2013 . NIA was one of the 28 organisations that responded during the commenting ... Follow this link to view all the comments, including NIA's, on the draft nanosilver opinion , and this link to read NIA's ...

  3. Publications from the ILSI NanoRelease Food Additive Project now freely available

    Posted on: 10 July, 2014

    ... The ILSI NanoRelease Food Additive Project, in which NIA participates, has recently published five scientific publications in the ... the NanoReleaseFood Additive Project . News Articles ...

  4. NIA Meeting Report from EC Definition Workshop available for NIA Members

    Posted on: 9 April, 2014

    NIA recently participated in a technical workshop discussing the European Commission recommendation on the definition of nanomaterial (2011/696/EU).   The meeting report is now available for NIA Members (requires log-in). ...

  5. Presentations from ACS Congressional Briefing on Nanomaterial Safety now available

    Posted on: 31 July, 2012

    ... speakers at the Congressional Briefing . News Articles ...

  6. Now available in English: Austrian 'NanoTrust' Project Publications

    Posted on: 11 December, 2010

    ... about the Austrian NanoTrust project . News Articles ...

  7. EC JRC publishes Report compiling Information related to Experience of using EC Nano Definition

    Posted on: 6 May, 2014

    ... or decreased, and whether to include materials with internal structure or surface structure in the nanoscale’. A key element ... with outcomes from it presented throughout the report; NIA was one of the stakeholders who provided their input into the JRC’s ...

  8. European Chemicals Agency Issues Proceedings from Nanomaterials Workshop

    Posted on: 9 September, 2015

    ... including academics, policymakers, industry and NGOs. NIA's David Carlander was a member of the event's scientific committee and ... will continue to drive the conversation. News Articles ...

  9. Workshop on Single particle ICP-MS for Ag NP analysis

    Posted on: 21 February, 2013

    ... In order to provide information to potential stakeholders a workshop will be organized which addresses inorganic nanoparticle analysis using sp-ICP-MS. SCOPE OF THE WORKSHOP The workshop is designed to provide hands on laboratory ...

  10. Safe by Design workshop slides published

    Posted on: 23 May, 2017

    NIA was part of a multi-project consortium that delivered the 2 day workshop "Nanomaterials: Industrial workshop on Safe by Design" in Bilbao on ... sbd_workshop_agenda_with_slides.pdf News Articles ...