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Report Finds No Food Safety Risk from Nanomaterials

Three prominent nanomaterials, silicion dioxide, titanium dioxide and nanosilver, pose no "significant health risk for food grade materials" while nanoclays and nanosilver do not 'migrate' when used in food packaging, according to new, peer-reviewed reports from Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), the government body responsible for food safety in the two countries. As a result, authorities believe the current regulatory approach for nanomaterials in the country is 'valid...and consistent with international best practices.'

The reports were commissioned by FSANZ as part of their ongoing analysis of nanotechnlogy in food and examined titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide and nanosilver since they are approved additives in the countries. The results agreed with recent reports from the OECD's Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials Sponsorship Programme, and add to the growing body of literature that find these products to be safe. To further confirm their results, FSANZ commissioned and independent panel to review the reports and ensure their accuracy. The panel found FSANZ to be "appropriately balanced in their reporting and that none of the nanotechnologies described are of health concern."
For more information, visit the FSANZ website.
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