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New JRC Report Provides Overview of Nanomaterials in Food, Feed and Ag

The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission published a new paper this month, Nanomaterials for products and application in agriculture, feed and food, which evaluates how nanomaterials are currently used in agricultural production, animal feed, food processing, food additives and food contact materials. The report was conducted at the request of the European Food Safety Authority so regulators can better understand the scope of nanomaterial applications today and in development.

The authors found the vast majority of current applications use silver, titanium dioxide or silica, such as using nano-silver to reduce gas permeation in packaging, which helps prevent spoilage. In addition, they found nearly all applications were in food additives and food contact materials, however, there is significant R&D investment in nanomaterials for future use in novel foods, food and feed additives, biocides, pesticides and food contact materials.

For more information, download the full report from the JRC website.

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