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French NGO Consults Stakeholders on Nano in Water on behalf of Government

The French NGO Avicenn (Association de Veille et d'Information Civique sur les Enjeux des Nanosciences et des Nanotechnologies) is running a stakeholder consultation on nanomaterials in water [in French]. The consultation is open until 28 March 2016.

The Avicenn consultation is supported by the National Office for Water and Acquatic Environments (ONEMA) and the Ministry of the Environment, and aims at supporting the information gathered by the NGO on nanomaterials in water. The consultation has three distinct parts on:

  1. Nanomaterials in current activities
  2. Better identifying your information needs / nanomaterials and water
  3. The needs of water managers


Please follow this link to reply to the French consultation.

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