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France releases 2016 Report of the r-Nano Nanomaterial Reporting Scheme

The French Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea has released its 2016 issue of the report 'Elements from the Declaratiosn of Substances at the Nanoscale' (Éléments issus des déclarations des substances à l'état nanoparticulaire).

The report shows a stable number of entities registering nanomaterials. It identifies a small drop in the overall number of declarations submitted in 2016, this year, 13 353 submissions were entered in the French platform  The most declared use remains Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, with 9335 declarations, followed by 2965 declarations for Formulation (mixing) of preparations and/or reconditioning (except alloys).

According to the French authorities, 475 766 tons of nanoscale substances were manipulated in France this year, a 60 000 ton rise compared to the previous year.

For more information, download the report in French by following this link.


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